Demonstrators gathered near facilities owned by the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Mienenbuttel on Thursday, demanding the shutdown of its animal testing sites amid the recent publication of shocking footage taken from within its lab in Mienenbuttel.

Demonstrators can be seen nearby the Mienenbuttel facility displaying banners calling for the abolition of animal testing and to "Close LPT."

"We want to get LPT shut down immediately - everything that we've seen is going on in there right now. But not just in LPT, it's happening all the time and in any animal testing lab and animal exploitation institutions, and LPT and all animal testing sites must be shut down because animal experimentation is a big mistake," said Alicia, one of the demonstrators.

"We demonstrate here constantly, but the staff do not get impressed that much that we are recommending them to find a new job," she added.

Regarding the published footage and allegations against LPT, the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Lower Saxony issued a statement saying that during an investigation of the facility on October 9, "violations were found concerning the keeping of the monkeys: 44 animals, which were not part of any testing procedure, were found in cages of less than 1m³ and without the supply of adequate conditions."

Graffiti had been spray painted on a road near an LPT office in Hamburg, reading 'LPT = Murderer'.

The statement continued that "deficiencies in animal welfare in respect to the handling of the animals for testing were not detected, just as they were not detected in previous inspections run by the Harburg district."

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