Deer are usually found in the woods, but these animals are bucking tradition.

Nature reclaimed the streets amid lockdown as a herd of deer took a break outside of a housing estate in east London.

Locals think they came from a nearby park.

Since this space is empty, they decided to get some R&R.

Residents say they’re seeing more than ever, just lying there unbothered and chewing the grass.

A similar situation happened in north Wales.

Only this time, wild goats wandered through the seaside town, when they normally roam nearby rocky hillsides.

They seemed to enjoy the local eats while residents are spending more time indoors.

Now that places are virtually traffic and people-free, nature has clearly taken over.

We’ll have to see if they’ll continue to stand their ground once lockdown measures are lifted.

When it comes to their place in public, they might hang on for deer life!

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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