The Federal Government postpones its May budget and introduces measures to thin crowds in Australia's bars, restaurants and other indoor venues because of the coronavirus pandemic.

0:27 - Treasurer Josh Frydenburg on banks deferring payments by small businesses

1:34 - Frydenburg on budget date change

1:23 - Dr Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer on self isolation and social distancing

5:56 - Question on access to New Start and Centrelink, and Australians facing unemployment

7:45 - Questions on Ruby Princess

10:22 - Question on further travel restrictions

12:01 - Question regarding schools remaining open

14:20 - Question regarding catching coronavirus a second time

15:51 - Question regarding rent deferral

17:11 - Question regarding whether government would nationalise large companies in an emergency

18:25 - Question regarding superannuation access

18:50 - Question to Dr Murphy about pace of the job

20:00 - Question regarding charity sector

20:50 - Question regarding what is considered an indoor vs outdoor gathering

21:58 - Dr Murphy on relaxation of testing criteria

22:30 - Press conference concluson

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