French 'Yellow Vest' protesters clashed with riot police as they took to the streets of Paris on Saturday, marking the 50th week since protests began in November 2018.

Riot police was seen hitting protesters with batons and firing tear gas at them, once firing it onto a residential balcony. Protesters were throwing objects back at the officers and the protest culminated with protesters setting bins on fire and firefighters being required to tame the flames.

"I did not do anything at all! The police decided to go back and hit all the people on the side of the road, like that, for free. They saw that I was not armed," one protester stated while he was being treated by paramedics.

The Yellow Vests protests, which will hit the one year mark in two weeks, have been joined by tens of thousands with demonstrations being held across France over a variety of grievances, ranging from the rise in fuel prices to income inequality. The rallies then turned into a wider movement against Macron's policies.

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