UK's Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage lashed out at European Commission President nominee Ursula von der Leyen, accusing her of presenting an "updated form of communism" to the European Parliament (EP). Farage spoke in the EP chamber during a plenary session in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Farage claimed that von der Leyen "wants to build a centralised, undemocratic, updated form of communism." He argued that von der Leyen has made Brexit "a lot more popular" in the UK after outlining her visions for the EU, adding, "thank God, we are leaving."

Farage also tore into French President Emmanuel Macron's support for the creation of an EU army, branding him an "updated version of Napoleon."

The Brexit Party leader then urged MEPs to vote down the European Commission hopeful and "strike a blow for democracy."

Von der Leyen responded to Farage's comments, saying, "I think, Mr Farage, speeches like yours, we can do without."

The European Commission top candidate also said that she was "ready" for any potential further delay in the UK's departure from the EU, which was met with groans from Brexit Party MEPs.

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