Police used tear gas against Yellow Vest protesters who were marching through Paris on Saturday.

During scuffles with the police, prominent Yellow Vest Jerome Rodrigues fell to the ground and was hurt in the eye.

"We move forward, we don't see, and suddenly they hit us with their shield in the face, in the eye, he [Yellow Vest Jerome Rodrigues] falls to the ground, I go to pick him up, they use the opportunity to use tear gas against us, at point blank. We ask for their registration number, they don't give it to us," said another protester who was present at the scene.

Yellow Vests were heard asking for the registration number of the police officer who allegedly injured Rodrigues.

"The guy hit me with a shield in the face, and the police captain refuses to give the registration number of this person. Here's the reality of what is happening in France today. What did I do to them?" said Rodrigues while addressing the media.

Jerome Rodrigues had reportedly previously been severely injured in the eye too, during another Yellow Vest demonstration in Paris in January.

He posted a picture with his injured eye on his Twitter on Saturday, with the caption "Thanks Macron."

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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