Thousands of people attended the first of a three-day celebration marking the 130th birthday party for Paris's iconic Eiffel Tower on Wednesday.

Festivities were inaugurated with a concert by French singer Jeanne Added and a night-time laser show from set designer Bruno Seillier, who retraced in 12 minutes the monument's 130-year history.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo was seen at the event, which includes a visit to the tower by more than 1,300 children. The show will be broadcast on 16 and 17 of May, at the beginning of each hour, from 10pm to midnight.

Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower for the 1889 World Fair. Standing at 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, it is the tallest structure in Paris. Widely considered to be a global cultural icon of France, the Eiffel Tower receives over 6 million visitors year-round.

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