Brexit Party leader and MEP Nigel Farage criticized the EU policy towards the UK during the Brexit period, speaking at a European Parliament session in the French city of Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Saying that the UK puts itself at the EU's "mercy" he added that the recent events don't show that "good faith exists."

"I am of course referring to the pipsqueak Prime Minister of Luxembourg who set out to ritually humiliate a British Prime Minister in the most astonishing way, only to be greeted like a hero by President Macron at the Elysee Palace yesterday," stressed Farage.

"And it's very clear to me that keeping us trapped inside this was the objective of Barnier's from the start," he added, referring to EU's Chief Negotiator for the UK Exiting the EU, Michel Barnier.

Manfred Weber, Leader of the European People's Party, in turn said: "We regret, here, in the plenary, the Brexit outcome, but I must tell you, during the election campaign it was a powerful argument to tell the Europeans it's stupid and it creates a lot of uncertainty if you take the European Union into question."

"That's why you helped us a lot to convince the Europeans that this was a stupid approach," he added.

As the October 31 Brexit deadline is looming, some EU politicians warn against the risk of a no-deal Brexit.

Earlier the UK Parliament passed a bill making a no-deal Brexit unlawful, days before its prorogation initiated by the country's Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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