French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe called for "calm" and "dialogue," speaking before the National Assembly in Paris on Wednesday, amidst the 'Yellow Vest' nationwide protests.

"Easing [of tensions], dialogue, calmness and determination, are the terms I want to raise before the national representatives," Philippe said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the French government announced the suspension of the projected 2019 fuel tax hikes that sparked the 'Yellow Vest' movement and led to national outrage.

The French Prime Minister said that the government is "proving" its willingness to talk by removing the tax hike from the 2019 financial budget.

He warned that "what we are experiencing at the moment is not without danger for the security of our fellow citizens" and concluded by calling to dialogue.

"I firmly believe that when we put 'good willing' people around the table to work, we can always find solutions."

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