Independent journalist Julien M., who was injured in the face while covering the 53rd Yellow Vests outing in Paris on Saturday, can be seen defiantly raising his fist as medics carried him to safety in footage shot in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Julien was hit by what he identified as a GLI-F4 tear gas grenade, which broke the visor of his gas mask, while covering clashes between police and protesters in Place d'Italie.

As a result of grenade's explosion, the journalist got numerous wounds and a broken nose. He stated that he had already "filed a complaint to the Office of the Inspector General of the National Police" and will retain a lawyer in the nearest time.

The 'Yellow Vest' protests began on November 17, 2018, and were initially sparked by a fuel price rise, but quickly spread throughout France and evolved into a general expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

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