A Paris court imposed €500 ($551) suspended fine on member of Yellow Vests movement Eric Drouet on Wednesday, for carrying what is described as a wooden baton during a protest this winter.

According to media, the court condemned him for carrying a prohibited weapon. Drouet on the other hand, reportedly stated that the baton is a souvenir from his dad that he had forgotten in his bag.

Philippe de Veulle, lawyer from the 'Black gowns and Yellow Vests', said that "a little rod to go pick up mushrooms, for me, it is not a weapon."

The Yellow Vest was however acquitted of the charge of participating in a protest in order to commit violence.

His lawyer, Kheops Lara, reacted to the court's decision by saying that "it is a small fine, there is an acquittal, but what we want is a total justice that acknowledges that what happened is not normal."

Lara answered positively to a journalist's question about whether he is going to appeal the fine.

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CGTN 07 Apr 2020 16:30 CEST

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