"The Blob", a mysterious unicellular organism of unknown nature was put on display at the Zoological Park of Paris on Saturday, for an exhibition that will last until early November.

According to Pierre-Yves Bureau, Director of the Zoological Park, the Blob has "extraordinary abilities" which allows it to "solve riddles such as finding the shortest way to get out of a labyrinth." It feeds on red mushrooms, oatmeal, and wood chips.

Despite the Blob's problem-solving abilities, biologists have not yet determined whether it is a plant, a mushroom, or a proper animal, reports say.

The slime mould, know officially as physarum polycephalum, is self-healing when cut in two and has 720 sexes.

Its title comes from the 1958 Hollywood movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen.

The 'Blob Zone' will be on display from October 19 to November 3.

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