This Former Tesla Employee Fixes Tesla Roadsters

Carl Medlock used to work at Tesla. Now he's one of the few people in the U.S. that can fix the company's original Roadster car. Medlock & Sons in Seattle rehabs Tesla Roadsters, and can fix any electric car -- they also convert internal combustion engine vehicles into pure battery electrics.

Roadster drivers may be some of the earliest supporters of Tesla, but many feel neglected by Elon Musk's car company. Unlike owners of the newer Model S, X or 3, they can't book a service appointment through the Tesla app, and the carmaker doesn't manufacture spare parts for their vehicles even though they're only about 11 years old.

Since 2014, the tucked-away repair shop Medlock & Sons has been one of the only places where Roadster owners can send their beloved electric cars for serious repairs, upgrades or maintenance if they're not getting what they need from Tesla.

One customer had his Roadster waiting at a Tesla service center for over a year because the component it required, a 400-volt controller, wasn't available according to records Medlock shared with CNBC. Although Tesla put the customer in a loaner Model S while he was waiting, he eventually took his Roadster to Medlock.

Typically, people go to Medlock & Sons to fix their crashed Roadsters, or to have their Roadster electronics rebuilt, ceramic coatings painted on, or to have sound reduction, custom audio or custom headlights installed. Many of the shop's clients are leaders in the tech industry, or actors and other celebrities, who refer to Medlock as the "Roadster whisperer."

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