Certain foods can get you in the mood, but I’m not talking about the usual suspects.

Here are a few surprising foods that can increase your libido.

Take it from health experts Bustle, E! News and Reader’s Digest spoke with.

Walnut and cantaloupe, specifically, are said to increase libido because they help drive blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Asparagus is responsible for the production of histamine because it’s high in vitamin B and folate.

Histamine is key for a healthy sex drive.

Word of caution from Smithsonian magazine, asparagus can your urine smell pretty bad.

Chickpeas have plant compounds with estrogen-like effects, according to Reader’s Digest.

And estrogen is good for the sex drive and helps increase sensation.

If you’re an avocado lover, you’ll impress your lover at night.

They’re packed with vitamin B6 and help increase hormone production and boost the libido.

They’re also good for energy and stamina because of all of the folate, Bustle says.

Appearance aside, bananas are loaded with potassium, which helps with muscle contractions.

They’re also rich in vitamins that produce testosterone, which can improve your sex drive.

Just drive to the store and stock up on the right groceries!

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