Surprise! The Cats trailer DROPPED a day early and we couldn’t leave the office to enjoy our Thursday evening until we told you all about it

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and this looks like it’s going to be THE epic movie musical of 2019.

The trailer shows the star-studded cast complete with the “digital fur technology” that got the internet buzzing yesterday.

We got to see “Cats: A Look Inside” as a behind the scenes video to tease the trailer that came out today.

Most of the trailer features a ballad by Jennifer Hudson, but we haven’t heard any other news about the music in the movie yet.

But we did get a QUICK glimpse of Taylor pouring out some catnip

As well as the rest of the big-name cast, including James Corden, Judy Dench, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, and Ian McKellen.

And even more fun? The members of the cast all changed their Instagram handles to the names of their characters.

So you might go looking for Idris Elba and end up finding Macavity.

The trailer looks artsy and elegant but also … insane?

But anyway, people are excited.

One person said “Have already pivoted from not caring about cats to loving cats …… a star is born”

But nobody loves it as much as good ole Taylor Swift. She tweeted out the trailer and said “I am a cat now and somehow that was everything”

And yeah, it really is everything..

So let me know what you guys think about the trailer. Are you excited for the movie? Let me know in the comments below!

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