Helsinki residents went to their local polling stations on Sunday to vote in a snap election after Prime Minister Juha Sipila centre-right government’s surprise resignation in March.

Many voters chose their candidates based on a wide range of issues, such as climate change, economy, health care and immigration.

"I would say economy and health care, those are the key topic, to ensure that the growth is still in Finland, so that we can fund the good healthcare that we currently have, to maintain the level or even put it higher, so for me those are very huge elements," said one resident.

Voters in Helsinki also stressed on their concern for the rising popularity of right-wing parties, while others were warming to the idea of a diversity of thought in Parliament.

Sipila's government resigned on March 8, after the three centre-right parties forming the coalition - the Centre Party, the National Coalition Party and Blue Reform - failed to agree on a social and healthcare reform package.

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