The old vests at Walmart are getting a makeover.

Gone are the signature blue vests with a yellow Walmart spark.

Walmart went with a more colorful route.

The new vests for associates will have a modern gray look with a neon blue, green or pink trim.

Uniforms were last redesigned in 2014, CNN reports.

The idea for the brighter vests is to make them very visible in a busy store.

Supercenter associates will get a steel gray vest with blue trim.

Vests with green trim go to the Neighborhood Market associates.

In the future, employees can choose their colors, including pink.

You don’t need deep pockets to upgrade since the customizable vests will cost no more than $11.

Speaking of, the new design includes bigger pockets.

That’s to make sure associates can carry the stuff they need on the sales floor.

The company said each vest is made with a fabric that comes from recycled bottles.

CNN reports employees will receive the vests later this year for free.

Expect new styles up and down the aisles!

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