Justin Bieber is a baboon and Kevin Hart is Kanye West… are we living in an alternate universe?

Oh, no- it’s just the Earth music video! It’s finally here! Lil Dicky collaborated with literally EVERYONE for this song and has been teasing it out for quite some time. The video just dropped on YouTube last night and let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint.

The video also includes Ariana Grande as a Zebra, Ed Sheeran as a Koala, and Hailee Steinfeld as a …. fungus?!

Plus, Lil Yachty, Snoop Dogg, Halsey, Sia, Adam Levine, Wiz Khalifa, Shawn Mendes, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, John Legend, the Backstreet Boys, LEONARDO DICAPRIO…. [*big suck of air in, gather yourself as if you’re winded*] PHEW, and that STILL isn’t even everyone. The celeb-packed video was an effort from Lil Dicky to call attention to the environmental crisis. He worked closely with Leonardo Dicaprio’s charity, and all the proceeds are going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Charlie Puth, who plays a giraffe, tweeted just ahead of the premiere saying QUOTE: Earth by lildickytweets is about to be the biggest thing ever.”

Katy Perry also hyped it up, tweeting QUOTE: Sure, the Mueller report is out, but lildickytweets’ “Earth” will be too tonight. Don’t say I never tried to save the world ok. #WeLoveTheEarth”

Well, they DEFINITELY weren’t wrong.

Fans on Twitter were raving over the video, particularly the uh, colorful.. Lyrics.

One person tweeted QUOTE: #WeLoveTheEarth this will be my graduation quote for the yearbook.”

Another tweeted, QUOTE “If someone would have told me that Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande would come together as a Baboon and Zebra I wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are.”

The video has even ALREADY inspired some memes, like this one that says QUOTE: “Looking at the trash you were about to litter but you just watched Earth by Lil Dicky so you decide to find a trash can.”

Hey! A catchy song that inspires people NOT to be jerks? Win-win!

Plus, it even has Leo’s seal of approval.

So, what did YOU guys think of Earth? Lil Dicky did mention he’d consider a remix with even MORE celeb cameos. Who would you want to see featured on that bop? Let us know in the comments below, and then be sure to click right over here for a brand new video.

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