You know I love our girl Ariana Grande. Like, maybe too much. Ya know?

And I’m grateful that she’s put out hit after hit for the past two years. Like, who else gives us two Grammy worthy albums in a row, just because they were bored?

Nobody. That’s who. There’s simply no one like Ariana Grande. The voice, the connection to her fans, the work ethic.

But even the most hard working artists need some time off. Look at Taylor, for example!

Before she released “Lover” and became a bonafide movie star with CATS, she would drop an album, go on tour, and then disappear for a couple years to enjoy her cats and some homemade cookies.

But Ari? It seems like this girl never takes a break. That is until now.

See, she just came off her Sweetener World Tour that lasted basically all of 2019.

All across the globe she stunned fans with her performances, while also teaching people how to spell the word “Sweetener”.

And a couple weeks ago she dropped another album - this time it was a live version of all of her most popular songs from her tour.

Artists do that all the time! Nothing weird about that...except, perhaps, the title that Ari chose to use.

It’s called “k bye for now”

Which kind of insinuates that she’s going on a bit of an extended break. Like she very much deserves.

I’ve been saying that Ari needs to get some rest for a LONG time now, so I hope she’s finally tuning in and taking my advice!

Ari, if you’re watching this - one more interview with us won’t hurt right? Maybe a rumor patrol: celeb takeover?

Anyway, Ari, if you ARE watching this, I’ve got some ideas for what you can do with your newfound time off!

I’ve compiled a little list here of all the things you could accomplish in 2020, non-professionally speaking, of course.

So here it is, my open letter to Ariana Grande on why and how she should enjoy her time off - right here on Listed.

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