Leader of the far-right French National Rally party Marine Le Pen denied that she was under the influence of any "foreign power," speaking during a meeting of European far-right politicians held in Tallinn on Tuesday.

"I am under the influence of no foreign power. I defend first and foremost the interests of my country, and then I defend Europe's interests, which are today being destroyed by the European Union," Le Pen stated.

She said that accusations of her being in "collusion" with either the US or Russia, only "shows that we are attached to our independence and to a form of neutrality towards these two powers."

She added: "borders, for me, are what skin is for human beings. Meaning it has to let through positive things, and it has to block toxic or negative things."

The meeting at the House of the Blackheads in Tallinn's Old Town was attended by Le Pen, Finns Party representative Olli Kotro, the representative of the Danish People's Party Anders Vistisen and Manuel Vescovi of Italy's Lega Nord.

The meeting was organised by the far-right European coalition ‘Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom’ (MENF), which is part of ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedom), the smallest party in the European Parliament.

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