Elizabeth Warren has an answer for the right-wing trying to undo Roe v. Wade. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Hasan Piker, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial


"Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Friday released a statement calling on Congress to pass a slate of legislation aimed at guaranteeing abortion and other reproductive rights around the country, even if Roe v. Wade falls.

The statement, posted on Medium, comes as a wave of strict anti-abortion laws are sweeping the country. On Wednesday, Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama signed into law a bill banning nearly all abortions in the state, with no exceptions for rape or incest. On Thursday, the Missouri state Senate passed a bill banning the procedure at eight weeks (the bill now goes back to the state House for approval). Many of these laws are aimed squarely at overturning Roe."

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