Cairo, a concentrated metropolis of nearly 10 million, is seeing a surge in abandoned pets as residents fear they will spread coronavirus.

Volunteers like Amira Jamal have taken on a big role in caring for the animals, many of which arrive at her shelter with other ailments.

"[When first getting a pet] they are cleaned, insects are removed from them and their needs for treatment or surgeries are met. We first start by giving it food and then we spay and neuter the animals so that they won't have any children," said Jamal.

Jamal's shelter claims that the idea being spread that animals are responsible for transmitting Covid-19 is just a rumour, and she is taking in animals in part to prove that they are still safe.

"We collect the house dogs on the street in large numbers. The initiative is to educate people that they do not transmit the Coronavirus so we can put a stop to seeing large numbers of cats and dogs out on the street," she said.

According to information collected by John Hopkins University, Egypt currently has 985 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 66 deaths. The government has thus far implemented basic cautionary measures such as bans on public gatherings and a nightly curfew.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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