Residents tried to stay cool during the heatwave which hit Cairo this week, as footage filmed on Friday shows.

Many were seen taking shelter under trees or carrying umbrellas to avoid heat exhaustion, while others splashed their faces with water. However, due to Ramadan restrictions, citizens are not able to quench their first during daylight hours.

"I heard yesterday that the temperature will reach 46 degrees, but I continue my life normally and before I left the house I took a shower. The day before, because of fasting [for Ramadan], I drank enough water and ate vegetables that help keep water in the body," said local Rajai El-gamal.

The heatwave was blamed for a market fire and caused delays in high schools exams, as student

Gamal Ebrahim explained: "Temperatures in Egypt have reached 40, 45 and 50 degrees. In schools the exams were postponed because of the temperature."

Temperatures reached 46 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, but are set to fall by around 7 degrees Celsius by Saturday.

During the holiest month of the Islamic calendar people must abstain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn to dusk. The fast breaks after the sun sets, when people are allowed to eat until the first signs of sunlight. At most Muslim countries this years Ramadan begun the evening of May 5 and ends on June 4.

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