More than 2,000 oarsmen row 52 boats down Bangkok's Chao Phraya River in the first full dress rehearsal for the Royal Barge Procession, the final chapter of the Thai king's coronation.

READ MORE: The ceremony was supposed to take place on October 24, but King Rama X announced Thursday that the event will be postponed by almost two months.

King Rama X and Queen Suthida will travel the 3.4-kilometre long river route from the Wasukri pier to the end at the Ratchaworadit pier.

The coronation is the first for Thailand in 69 years and consecrates the reign of the new king — also known as Rama X, the tenth king of the Chakri dynasty. Rama X ascended the throne in late 2016 after the death of his widely revered father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Though the monarchy is meant to refrain from the country's politics, it is rarely far from the fray. And while strict lese-majeste laws keep a tight lid on what is said about the king in Thailand, reverence for the royal family does run broad and deep. (VOA/ AFP)

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