If you’re bored with your current gig and are looking for new horizons, be the captain of your next adventure and set sail with the job of a lifetime!

A company will pay you around $1,300 a week to travel the world and review yachts.

And you don’t need to have any experience being on a boat, so you can get your feet wet on the job.

That’s one way to earn your sea legs!

Luxury online marketplace HushHush.com is the company behind the new yacht reviewer job offering.

A few things to know since it’s not just a pleasure cruise.

You’ll spend a week on a yacht and inspect everything with a fine-tooth comb.

I’m talking about testing every door, socket, shower and faucet to make sure the yacht is good enough to be listed on the site.

HushHush doesn’t want folks to keep quiet!

The company needs someone who’s a hard worker and can write detailed and high-quality reviews.

You’ll live, eat, sleep and shower onboard for a week and earn $1,300.

Company reps say there’s the potential to review up to 50 yachts a year, which means you could pull in around $65,000, but it’s all on an as needed basis, which means they need someone who’s flexible.

The right person also needs to have a passport since the yachts are in different spots all over the world.

Tell HushHush.com why you’re the perfect fit for the job on their website.

Just don’t rock the boat and say the wrong thing in the Message/Skills section.

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euronews 21 Aug 2019 18:54 CEST