It took no time at all for trolls to start coming after Drake’s baby mama, artist and former adult film star Sophie Brussaux, after it was confirmed that she and the rapper have a child together, who was born last year.

Drake was the one to confirm the rumor that he had a secret son on his Scorpion album, and he alludes to the baby boy, named Adonis, as well as his contentious relationship with Adonis’s mother. While Drake never calls out Adonis or Sophie by name, Sophie, who currently lives with their son in France, claimed that she was pregnant with Drake’s child early last year, and she eventually gave birth to their son in October.

Fans were naturally intrigued as to who Drake’s baby mama is, and they immediately began flooding Sophie’s Instagram to get more insight on her, as well as to get some glimpses of baby Adonis. On her Instagram, Sophie shares everything from selfies, to art she admires, to some of her own sculpting work. Sophie also shared pictures throughout her pregnancy, including her baby shower, and there IS one photo of her holding Adonis on her account -- although we can’t see his face in the pic. The lack of pictures of Drake’s baby prompted one fan to rudely write on one of her sculpture pics QUOTE, “How about we do a deal, you show us Adonis and I’ll pretend to care about your sculptures?” to which Sophie replied QUOTE, ““How about that deal: you unfollow so you don’t have to see my sculptures, because I won’t expose my son to internet weirdos. Have a good day sir.”

Honestly, we have to say good on her for not giving in to all the pressure to share pictures of her and Drake’s baby. After all, we know how scary it can be for high profile public figures to put images of their children out there to the world, when there are so many weirdos and trolls ready to jump to make horrible and disturbing comments. It’s the reason Kylie stopped posting pictures of Stormi for a while, so we fully understand Sophie’s decision.

That being said, while Sophie may want to keep Adonis away from social media, we’re hoping Drake is reunited with his son soon, because judging from his album he’s determined to be a good dad.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you -- are you surprised Sophie isn’t sharing pictures of Adonis on social media? And do you think Drake will once he’s reunited with his boy? Let me hear all your thoughts in the comments below!

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