Drake is clearly getting a lot off his chest with his new 24-song album.

Drake JUST released his newest album, ‘Scorpion’, and it is chock full of juicy details about the rapper’s personal life. INCLUDING a confirmation that he does, in fact, have a son who was born in October of last year.

In the track, “Emotionless”, Drake raps QUOTE, “I wasn't hiding my kid from the world. I was hiding the world from my kid.” He alludes to his son throughout the album, and reveals that he took a paternity test on the son “March 14”, rapping QUOTE, “Yesterday mornin' was crazy. I had to come to terms with the fact that it's not a maybe. That sh*t is in stone. Sealed and signed. She's not my lover like Billie Jean. But the kid is mine...S**t, we only met two times.”

The mother of Drake’s child is a former adult film star named Sophie Brussaux, and it’s been reported that she and Drake hooked up sometime in January 2017. Their son, named Adonis according to Sophie’s Instagram posts, was born in October. As for Drake’s relationship with Sophie, he confesses that they only met two times on the album, and that they’ve been through a brutal custody battle over their son since his birth late last year.

He also raps about his strained relationship with Sophie on “March 14”, revealing QUOTE, “Hopefully by the time you hear this me and your mother will have come around instead of always cutting each other down.” And he also admits on the album that while he bought a crib for his baby boy, with Sophie living in France, he’s only met his son once so far. He raps QUOTE, “I got an empty crib in my empty crib / I only met you one time, introduced you to Saint Nick / I think he must’ve brought you like twenty gifts.”

But it sounds like Drake is hoping for a closer relationship with his son in the future, as he also raps on “March 14” QUOTE, “Single father, I hate when I hear it / I used to challenge my parents on every album / Now I’m embarrassed to tell them I ended up as a co-parent / Always promised the family unit / I wanted it to be different because I’ve been through it.”

Besides admitting that he DOES have a son on ‘Scorpion’, Drake also reveals why he didn’t respond to Pusha T’s diss track, “The Story of Adidon”.

On the track “Survival,” Drake admits that the reason he didn’t fire back at Pusha T is because he didn’t want the beef to turn deadly. He raps QUOTE, “I’ve seen this movie a hundred times, I know where it’s headed / Realize someone gotta die when no one will dead it.”

And another revelation from the album we did NOT see coming, is Drake’s admission that he totally hooked up with Bella Hadid at one point. On the track “Sandra’s Rose,” he raps QUOTE, “My house is full of supermodels just like Mohammed Hadid,” which is a not-so-subtle reference to Bella and Gigi’s dad. But that’s not all -- on the track, “Finesse,” he raps QUOTE, “I want my baby to have your eyes, I’m going against my own advice / Should I do New York? I can’t decide / Fashion week is more your thing than mine.” Bella is obviously a model who has walked in New York Fashion Week many times, and she does have gorgeous eyes. But the real kicker is when he raps QUOTE, “You stay on my mind / You and your sister too hot to handle.” Drake’s OBVIOUSLY talking about Gigi with that line, so yeah...we’re gonna interpret all of those lyrics as a full-on confirmation that Drake broke bro-code with The Weeknd, and totally hooked up with Bella.

Alright guys those are some of the craziest revelations from Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ album, so now I gotta turn things over to you and hear your thoughts. Which admissions and revelations shocked you the most, and which track is your favorite so far? Sound off with all your feelings and opinions in the comments below!

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