Digging through your partner’s phone could bury your relationship.

In other cases, the snooping isn’t an automatic deal breaker.

Take it from a new study from researchers out of the University of British Columbia in Canada and the University of Lisbon in Portugal.

They recruited 102 people and asked them to think of a time when they looked through someone’s phone without their permission or on the flip side, when someone went through their phone without them knowing.

The idea was to find out the events leading up to the digging and how the snooping was conducted.

Researchers wanted to know what happened to the relationship afterwards.

Only 46 people listened to that part and provided feedback.

21 said snooping ended the relationship.

25 said the relationship survived the unwarranted prying.

Folks called it quits because they felt their trust was betrayed or because the relationship wasn’t that strong to begin with.

Keep in mind, these weren’t just romantic relationships, but occasions where a co-worker would snoop through a phone without one party knowing.

Participants listed reasons of jealousy, desire to “control” relationships with others, to pull a prank or use info for personal gain.

If the relationship survived, the victim considered the relationship important enough to overlook the offense and sometimes gave the other person access to their phone to prove they weren’t up to anything shady.

The study also revealed the prime time for snooping is when the owner takes a bathroom break.

If snooping something you can’t get over, just flush that relationship down the toilet!

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