Demi Lovato's New Album COMING SOON!

Lovatics hold your breath because we finally have confirmation that new Demi music is coming soon… okay you can breathe now. It’s not coming that soon. But it is coming in the first half of 2020.

Whats up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Demi definitely has a busy few months ahead of her, new album or not.

First, Demi will be hanging out in Los Angeles to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards on January 26.

Demi herself announced her upcoming performance on her Instagram account early Tuesday.

She posted this graphic of her, along with the words “Grammy Performer”.

She captioned the photo “I told you the next time you’d hear from me I’d be singing”.

And while we may not be getting a full album for another couple of months, I’m expecting that we should at least get one song from her in the next week or so.

It’s been a while since Demi released new music, and if she were to perform at the Grammys, she would most likely want to have some new material to sing.

So maybe she’ll debut a new song AT The Grammys.

Or, maybe, her performance will be a cover of another artist. Demi has already performed at the Grammys twice before, and both times she paid tribute to other great artists before her.

In 2016, Demi made her Grammy debut when her album “Confident” was nominated for best pop vocal album.

That same year, she performed a tribute to Lionel Richie, performing his song “Hello” in front of him and the rest of the audience.

The following year Demi made another appearance at the Grammys, where she honored the Bee Gees by playing their timeless hit “Stayin’ Alive”.

And this year she’ll be performing for a third time.

It was also just announced that Demi would be performing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl on February 2nd.

It’s a tradition every year for some famous singer to perform the National Anthem before the big game every year.

Last year, Gladys Knight AKA the “Empress of Soul” was chosen to sing.

But it’ll be nothing new for Demi. She also sang the National Anthem, a notoriously hard song to sing, before a 2015 World Series MLB game between the Kansas City Royals and The New York Mets.

At the Super Bowl, which will take place in Miami in early February, Demi will be followed up by the main event of the night - the halftime show starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

And sometime after her super bowl performance, we can finally expect a whole new album from Demi.

Apparently she’s still working on some of the tracks, which makes sense because it wasn’t too long ago that she shared that she was still in the studio.

She posted to her instagram story a short video of her and producer Oak Felder dancing along to something in the studio.

She captioned it with “wouldn’t y’all like to hear?”

Um, yes, Demi, you know very much that we WOULD like to hear!

And soon we might be able to!

Oak Felder and Demi have worked together before on some of her bops like “Sorry Not Sorry”, “Dirty Sexy Love”, “Daddy Issues”, “Only Forever”, and “Games”.

He was also nominated for a Grammy in 2015 for working with Usher on his song “Good Kisser”.

This will be the first music that Demi has released since her overdose in July of 2018.

And according to TMZ, Demi’s new album will touch on that dark time of her life, as well as her time in rehab and her sobriety.

The album acts as a roadmap through her drug addiction and her journey to getting clean, happy, and healthy.

In the past, she’s said that her new music isn’t going to be for everyone. She shared a photo of a microphone, insinuating that she was in the recording studio again, and said “Recording a song for my loyal #Lovatics, the ones who support me and whatever makes me happy…"

So that will certainly be interesting to hear.

She wants the album to be out before the summer, so if all goes well, we should all be crying listening to Demi on the beach somewhere 6 months from now.

According to the same sources, Demi is in the midst of figuring out the logistics of a tour for her album as well.

A lot of details have yet to be figured out, but Demi certainly has plenty of time.

Since her last album, Demi also signed onto Scooter Braun’s management.

Since Demi signed with Scooter last May, it fits into her narrative of wanting to have her album out in the first half of 2020.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for Demi’s new album? What do you think it will be like? And what do you think she’ll do at the Grammys this year? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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