Rep. Debbie Lesko said Robert Mueller used media more than "evidence provided by witnesses and documents," calling Volume II of the Mueller Report "regurgitated press stories."

Former special counsel Robert Mueller told a televised hearing Wednesday that the investigation he supervised revealed a "serious" threat to American democracy from Russian election interference and reinforced his conclusion that he had "not exculpated" President Donald Trump.

"This deserves the attention of every American," Mueller said Wednesday, opening testimony that largely tracked with the details of his investigation of the Kremlin's efforts to sway the election that put Trump in office.

In three hours of testimony Wednesday morning, Mueller seldom veered from the written text of his 448-page report released to the public in April, often referring lawmakers to the document. House Democrats spent the morning asking him to confirm episodes detailed in that report, focusing on the president's efforts to thwart the special counsel investigation. Republicans sought to poke holes in Mueller's legal theory and air allegations of bias and wrongdoing.

Mueller, in terse answers, offered little for either side.

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