It's been about two months since David Dobrik filed for divorce from his best friend Jason Nash's mom, Lorraine Nash, and apparently he’s taking some time to focus on himself post-breakup.

What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and in case for some reason you forgot, David Dobrik got married in an elaborate prank to Jason Nash’s mom Lorraine.

Yea, like they legit got married in May in Vegas! You know before Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau did the whole YouTuber Vegas Wedding thing!

Anyway, by June, the marriage between David and Lorraine was already over.

E! News obtained actual court documents, filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court on June 11th, that showed David's petition for dissolution of the marriage.

And David posted on Instagram revealing that they were getting a divorce.

He said quote, “We will continue to love and support one another while being great friends and parents to our children. I thank everyone in advance for respecting our privacy at this time.”

And now, he opened up to E! News last night at Variety's Young Hollywood issue party about how he’s been doing since the divorce.

He said quote, “I'm good. I'm just happy to be thinking about myself again. It's a lot. It's a lot to have to deal with going through that. It's a lot caring for another person, so it's nice. I'm just focusing on myself currently.”

It looks like David is taking the time to focus on himself during this quote-un-quote challenging time.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s thinking this, but does this mean there’s no hope for David and Liza Koshy to get back together for a while?

I know the two had a super amicable break up and are still friends, but if there’s any truth to David taking time to focus on himself, that may mean there’s less of a chance that he and Liza might rekindle their romance.

Which is a huge bummer, because you know I still ship Diza.

And lots of fans are coming to this realization too.

One person wrote quote, “Yeeaahh... I think it’s about time we all have to accept the fact that David and Liza are NEVER getting back together #Diza #DavidDobrik #lizakoshy but they’re doin their own thing now and being successful lil hoes on their own @DavidDobrik @lizakoshy”

And another said quote, “Are david and Liza ever going to get back together or am I just going to have to be sad forever... @DavidDobrik @lizakoshy”

Based on what David said, it doesn’t seem like it any time soon.

And they are both having a lot of success and living their best lives.

So I guess I’ll just have to come to terms with their break up… over a year later. I know.

And as for other YouTuber marriages, David Dobrik isn't particularly optimistic about Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's marriage working out.

When Entertainment Tonight asked him last night at the Variety event if he thinks their relationship will last forever his response was hilarious.

So it looks like even other YouTubers don’t buy this wedding.

But right now I want to hear from you guys! Are you happy to hear David saying he wants to focus on himself? And what did you think of his response on Tana and Jake’s marriage? Let me know what you think down in the comments below.

While you’re there, be sure to hit that subscribe button. And click the bell so you’re the first to know when news drops. After you’re done with that, click right over here to check out another new video. I’m Sussan Mourad, thanks for hanging with me and I’ll catch you later!

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