David Dobrik just got real about the love he still has for Liza Koshy and warns Tana Mongeau against engagement, I mean, if she’s actually engaged. We still have no idea.

What’s up guys? It’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and David Dobrik just revealed how he really feels about your favorite YouTubers to J-14 Magazine.

He talked about his favorite memories, gave advice, and told some never-before-heard stories about YouTubers like Liza Koshy, Tana Mongeau, the Dolan Twins, and even Kylie Jenner.

David opened up about his ex-girlfriend and all-time favorite collaborator, Liza Koshy.

Though the ex-couple hasn’t worked together in a while, he said quote, “She’s genuinely the easiest person on planet earth to make anything with. I still think she’s the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Ugh can they just get back together? Not gonna lie, I still ship them.

David and Liza officially revealed the heartbreaking news that they broke up about a year ago, but they still speak so highly of each other and it really seemed like there was no bad blood in that break up.

So, I still am holding out hope for these two.

And fans agree, one person commented on the video saying quote, “David talking about Liza makes me want to smile, cry, breakdown, and feel happy all at the same time. I miss Diza.”

In the J-14 interview David also had some advice for Tana and her “engagement” to Jake Paul, which David himself isn’t even sure is real.

In case you missed it, David was engaged and actually got married earlier this year to fellow YouTuber Jason Nash’s mom Lorraine.

Their short-lived marriage lasted only about a month and David warns Tana about fake engagements.

Yea, that makes sense because in case all these crazy kids forgot, getting married is actually a legal matter.

Like if you want to break up, depending on how long it’s been, you might need to get a divorce which could require a lawyer and lawyer’s don’t come free.

We’re not sure if Tana and Jake will actually tie the knot, but they are claiming this engagement is real, so I wouldn’t put it past them.

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you.

Do you still hold out hope for David and Liza? And what do you think of David’s advice to Tana and Jake?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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