David Dobrik and Lucy Hale brought their A-game as 2019 Teen Choice Award hosts, and we’re breaking down all their most LOL and OMG-worthy moments.

What’s up guys, happy Monday, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and Hermosa Beach was on and poppin’ yesterday as celebs came together to ring in the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. They were greeted by none other than YouTuber David Dobrik who made his hosting debut, and Lucy Hale, who, to put it in simple terms, basically CRUSHED the hosting game. And I mean “crushed” in the most literal of terms because RIP to Lucy’s hand that David literally crushed during an attempt at the Bottlecap challenge…

We all remember this challenge to be a huge thing, like a month ago… like, if you didn’t record yourself trying this, did you even celeb? Anyway, the two decided it’d be fun to try it on live TV with a bottle of sunblock and it ended with David kicking Lucy’s hand and spraying sunblock all over the audience, and naturally, Twitter erupted into a firestorm with concerned fans’ reactions, ranging from, “Lucy… you good?” to, “ONLY DAVID DOBRIK WOULD BREAK LUCY HALES THUMB ON LIVE TELEVISION.” But seriously Lucy… you good?”

On the topic of ‘challenges’, the two then attempted to have the most selfies ever taken during the Teen Choice Awards by having everyone take out their phones and HIT THOSE. ANGLES.

Ok, so it might’ve been a psuedo-Ellen-Degeneres-Oscar-selfie copout, but watching an entire audience partake in what is sure to go down in Teen Choice Awards history was pretty epic.

Another moment that really stood out to fans was when Lucy caught up with 11-YEAR-OLD pro-skateboarder and DancTCTing With The Stars Junior champion Sky Brown, who delivered one of the most inspirational and heartfelt speeches of the night.

Anyone else all of a sudden feel like they can take on the world after that one? Oh, and did I mention she’s literally 11? Yeah. So I know this next moment wasn’t exactly part of whole hosting script, I wanna take a sec to shine the spotlight our guy David for winning his first TCA. The comedic fan-fave YouTuber accepted the award for Male Web Star, presented by none other than John Stamos, so basically that’s how you know you’ve made it, right?

So it’s safe to say both David and Lucy made quite the dream team last night, so much so, that I wanna quickly mention one of my personal favorite moments, which actually happened behind-the-scenes. David took his co-hosting duties next level as he helped Lucy with some quick touch-ups.

Yeah, name a better summer award show duo… I’ll wait.

Anyway, let’s give these two some slow claps for spicing up the 2019 TCA’s, but I’m curious to hear what your favorite hosting moment was from yesterday’s show? And do you think these 2 crushed it or what? Get to talking down here in the comments.

While you’re down there, today we’re attempting to do the whole how many people you can fit in a selfie thing, but more like, how many people can you get to subscribe today. You know what I mean? Help us make that happen by hitting that subscribe button you guys and the bell is the best way for you to be the first to know when we post an update. And if you like tea, I’m guessing you do, catch up on lots of it right over here. I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch ya later. Byeeee

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