Cuban villagers performed a mock funeral of a living man in Santiago de las Vegas, in the outskirts of Havana as part of the annual "Pachencho Funeral" festivities, on Monday.

The coffin was paraded through the streets on a horse-cart, as the "deceased" poked his head out of a coffin and greeted the locals he passed by.

Dozens of people marched behind the coffin, drinking, clapping and dancing to the music.

"Deceased" Divaldo Aguiar said that for him "this is a game, a way to play with death."

"For me this is a moment of joy because I can see that our town is very happy and I really have a good time during the day", said the "dead's widow" Clara Gonzalez.

The Pachencho Funeral is celebrated on February 5. Villagers bury a man playing "Pachencho", fake their funeral, and revive him with a splash of rum.

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