Adan Chavez, newly appointed Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba and brother of late leader Hugo Chavez, accused the United States of using Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as part of their plan to take Maduro down, and not knowing what to do with him anymore; during a press conference in Havana on Wednesday.

"They [the US] haven't been able to impose what they wanted with the alleged interim president," Chavez said, before adding that the US "are at a point where they don't know what to do with Juan Guaido. We have even warned it nationally in Venezuela and internationally that currently the US imperialism might take actions to make Juan Guaido disappear, and then blame the Venezuelan government."

He also said that the other countries have stopped supporting the actions of the United States in Venezuela.

"Even some governments that first supported the empire aren't doing so anymore, the opposition has fallen into a series of contradictions. Therefore, their plan has totally collapsed, deflated," Chavez said.

The remarks come only a day after Venezuela's Constituent Assembly stripped Guaido of immunity of prosecution.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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