The Crazy Plan to Deliver the First Baby in Space

A startup has announced plans to send a pregnant woman to space to give birth. Will this be the first baby born in space?

SpaceLife Origin, based in the Netherlands, wants to send a pregnant woman, accompanied by a ‘trained, world-class medical team,’ in a capsule to the space above Earth. The mission would last 24 to 36 hours. Once the woman delivered the child, the capsule would return to the ground.”

“Can fish swim in microgravity? Do bees make honey in space? Can ant farms exist on the Space Station? These are just a few of the questions scientists hope to answer by taking animals into space.”

Mission Cradle: The First Baby Born in Space

“The next step in our evolution. A pregnant woman will give birth in outer space. Well prepared and safely supported by a medical expert team. Another major step towards Life Beyond Earth.”

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