Seaweed is on the menu! This superfood plucked from the ocean is being fed to a group of lucky California cows to curb their methane production, and the results might just save the planet.

Meat consumption, health, and the environment

“The consumption of different types of meat and meat products has substantial effects on people’s health, and livestock production can have major negative effects on the environment.”

Methane may not last long in the atmosphere — but it drives sea level rise for centuries

“Thermal expansion is a well-documented phenomenon that climate scientists generally take into account when making modeled projections about future sea level rise. But an issue that may have received less attention is just how long this process lasts. Even if humans stopped emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere tomorrow, the expansion effect would continue in the oceans for centuries more, making it effectively irreversible in our lifetimes.”

How Eating Seaweed Can Help Cows to Belch Less Methane

“Emissions from the world’s nearly 1.5 billion cattle are a major source of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Now, researchers in California and elsewhere are experimenting with seaweed as a dietary additive for cows that can dramatically cut their methane production.”

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