U.S. President Donald Trump said Wednesday, April 8, during a White House briefing in Washington that Americans are heading into the "final stretch."


READ MORE: He also said that social distancing and other measures aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus were having an impact.

Health experts have suggested social distancing as one of the key measures to tackle the global pandemic.

Weekly death totals are expected to reach a new high in the United States this week. More than 14,000 people have died from the virus in the US. There are more than 425,000 cases.

But President Trump sounded a note of optimism. "If every American continues to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines, we can defeat the invisible enemy and save countless lives," Trump said.

The president also urged Congress to pass a $250 billion dollar package to assist small businesses during the pandemic.

Trump is also waging a new political fight against the adoption of mail-in voting rights throughout the U.S., claiming it is rife with possible fraud and would significantly benefit opposition Democrats.

Trump himself recently requested an absentee ballot to vote in the Republican presidential primary in Florida, the Atlantic coastal state he now claims as his official home after spending his entire life as a New York resident.

But he said on Twitter on Wednesday, “Republicans should fight very hard when it comes to state wide mail-in voting.” (VOA/AP)

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