Croatian soldiers build a field hospital, Thursday, March 19, in the courtyard of a hospital in Zagreb that has been designated as the main facility in the Croatian capital prepares to receive patients with COVID-19. It is forecast to have 270 beds.

READ MORE: In Croatia, 110 people have so far been infected with the new coronavirus. Croatia registered its first death of a person infected with the coronavirus Thursday, the state public health institute said on the official government web page for the crisis.

Starting Thursday, Croatia closed all services including cinemas, restaurants and bars, as well as shops, except food stores, pharmacies and petrol stations, as it bids to crack down on the coronavirus, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said Wednesday.

"All services and shops that are not essential will be closed for 30 days," he said.

After closing their external borders to help slow the spread of coronavirus, European countries are now scrambling to reduce the economic fallout of COVID-19, even as experts say more needs to be done.

Rescue packages and fiscal stimulus measures — even the possibility in France of nationalizing some struggling companies — European governments are looking for ways to calm coronavirus-spooked businesses and citizens. (VOA/AFP/Reuters)


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