Cops MOCK Dying Man

We need police reform NOW! Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Adrienne Lawrence, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

"He asked the police for help. They told him to stay on the ground, where he was handcuffed and writhing. He said he was afraid the officers would kill him. They told him to relax. He asked for help again. They kept him pinned, his face in the grass, a knee on his back. He asked again.

Then Tony Timpa went unconscious. In less than 20 minutes he was dead.

The group of Dallas police officers detaining Timpa didn’t seem to notice he was dying in front of them. They didn’t check whether he was breathing, and they didn’t look for a pulse. Instead, the officers laughed. They mocked the way he had squirmed around, clearly in distress — “like a roly poly,” one said. They speculated about what sort of mental illness he might have, or what drugs he might have taken.

When Timpa stopped responding, the officers apparently assumed he was asleep. They kept laughing, making jokes about waking him up for school. They tapped him, shook him, but he didn’t answer. “What happened?” one officer asked."

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