Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) party members announced that they will not field presidential candidate Rodrigo ‘Timochenko’ Londono in the country’s May presidential election during a press conference in Bogota on Thursday.

SOT, Ivan Marquez, Former guerrilla commander and candidate for the Senate of the Republic (Spanish): “Due to widely known circumstances about the recovery process of our presidential candidate Timo after the surgery he went through yesterday, along with what was already mentioned about the electoral contest, we decided to decline our presidential aspiration.”

SOT, Imelda Daza, FARC party vice president (Spanish): "Although more than 50 former guerrilla soldiers or their relatives and more than 250 social leaders have been killed since the signing of the final agreement. Third, we start our campaign despite the fact that about 600 ex-combatants, today militants of our party, are in jail without favours from the amnesty law."

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