Colombian police have launched a special 'drone squad' to monitor citizens' adherence to the quarantine measures imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, as footage filmed in Bogota on Friday shows.

The officers, piloting drones equipped with video cameras, can watch footage transmitted to the screens connected to the drone's remote control. The technology allows them to spot violations of the social distancing and self-isolation regime in real-time and spread audio messages to residents urging them to stay in their houses.

The drone shown in the footage can be heard calling on residents to stay home on behalf of the National Police.

Captain of Police Johan Fermer Castro stressed that the measure was adopted based on the experience of other countries in their fight against COVID-19, including China or Spain.

"Colombia took this route, with the same equipment they have used (in other countries), and introduced it for the security of the citizens of our country," the captain said.

The Colombian Health Ministry has reported 1,161 cases of coronavirus in the country, with at least 19 deaths and 55 recoveries as of Friday morning.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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