‘The bullets don’t know what political party you belong to.’ — Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg hopes this new law named after his daughter Jaime will close the ammunition loophole.

In this op-ed for NowThis News, Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg explains the proposed gun reform bill Jaime's Law, named after his daughter Jaime Guttenberg, which aims to close ammunition loophole that allows someone to buy bullets without any background checks. Thanks to current gun laws, if you fail a background check you still might be able to end up buying a gun illegally or at a gun show. You can then go into a gun shop and buy ammunition without a background check. Fred Guttenberg explains how this new gun control law would close that loophole and prevent gun violence. The second amendment, explained as the right to bear arms in the constitution, is a hotly debated topic in this country. Many in favor of gun rights and the 2nd amendment do not want to see any gun reform, while others believe to prevent gun deaths and stop future mass shootings, we must implement new gun reform.

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