The Church of Scientology and its members are rapidly buying up a downtown neighborhood in a Florida city.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that members of the church have spent $103 million on property in the city of Clearwater.

Business Insider reports that Clearwater has since become known as "The first Scientology city".

A map of the properties owned by the group shows a 101-acre area in the heart of the city.

Title deeds show that the church and its members own 185 downtown properties.

92 of those properties were purchased after January 2017 when the group had a falling out with the city council.

The rift was over the city attempting to develop land near the church's spiritual headquarters, Flag Land Base.

Following the disagreement, the church purchased over $100 million in land, with $99 million of it paid as cash.

"Scientology must have some sort of a game plan in mind, but they're not public with what it is."

Clearwater City Council Member

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