This is the December 11, 2018, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:02 Google CEO Sundar Pichai went before Congress on Tuesday — but some members of Congress lack the basic knowledge of big tech.

6:41 China started piloting its “social score” system in 2015, in villages like this one. Here’s how it works, you start with 1,000 points. If you do something bad, you get points docked. If you do something good, and you happen to be spotted, you get points added

12:22 Wrongful convictions may have gotten a lot of attention in recent years but very little has gone to what happens after people get out of prison. The way exonerees are compensated is often inconsistent & arbitrary, & more often than not, their needs are neglected

19:16 This Sears manager oversaw a Sears that closed, as Sears Holdings filed for bankruptcy. We talk to him about the life of Sears and what it is like working for a dying company.