At the age of a year and 9 months, Chinese toddler Long Yi Xin, aka Cutie from Guangzhou is already an internet sensation impressing more than 70,000 fans who follow her on the short video app Kuaishou riding a hoverboard like a pro.

Footage shows the toddler showing off her hovering skills while multitasking complex moves like picking up her bottle of water from the ground without losing her balance.

"She started to ride the hoverboard eight months ago. The hoverboard was supposed to be a present for her older brother. Then she got interested in it, and after two or three times with my mom holding her, she was able to ride by herself", said Cutie's mother.

She added that riding a hoverboard could inspire her to enrol her daughter in figure skating or roller-skating courses when she is three or four years old.

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CNET 24 Feb 2020 17:30 CET

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