China said it is not the source of the fentanyl that is killing US citizens, contrary to recent accusations made by US President Donald Trump, during the National Narcotics Control Commission briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.

Vice Commissioner of the China National Narcotics Control Commission Liu Yuejin stated that "It's irresponsible and with a lack of evidence from the US to claim that China is the main source of fentanyl substances to the US, by only reviewing the very few packages they have."

"I think you can clearly see that what has been said in Twitter by the [US] President Donald Trump has nothing to do with fact and reality at all," Liu added.

Liu emphasised that the US "didn’t investigate properly into the source of the drugs and where it came from", while "pointing the finger at China with no evidence" and "completely blaming" the country.

The statements came after Trump slammed Chinese President Xi Jinping of having contributed to the opioid crisis by not having done enough to curb the trafficking of the synthetic.

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