Police used water cannons in violent clashes with protesters on Monday in Santiago, as the National University Selection Tests (PSU) were cancelled in the unrest, for the second time at University of Valparaiso (UV) since November.

Footage shows protesters clashing with police and starting fires, while police use water cannons to break up protesters.

The PSU test had been rescheduled to this week after being cancelled due to the lack of safety guarantees to local students and school staff. Student union groups join the nationwide protests claiming that the test is biased toward more affluent students who attend private schools.

Chile has been rocked by nation-wide protests since October which has left more than 27 people dead, thousands injured and thousands more arrested. The social unrest was triggered by a now-withdrawn increase in subway fares. Social discontent has been fuelled by frustration with President Sebastian Pinera's policies and growing inequality.

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