Family members of the crew and passengers of the missing Chilean Hercules C-130 military aircraft were seen arriving at the Cerrillos airbase in Santiago on Tuesday.

One woman, whose brother-in-law is a crew member on the plane that went missing on Monday said her family and she were "dismayed."

Despite the aircraft being a military plane, onboard were civilian passengers with 38 people in total.

The sister of Jacob Pizzaro, one of the civilians on board said that she had not been contacted by government officials directly and had difficulty obtaining information via email or telephone.

Country's President Sebastian Pinera said that "every humanly possible effort" is being made to find missing people.

The plane, which took off at 16:55 local time (19:55 GMT), was expected to land at 19:17 (22:17 GMT) at the Chilean Antarctic military base and went missing after it completed over a half of the flight.

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