According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, seat belt use in passenger vehicles saves tens of thousands of lives every year.

Seatbelts are a simple technology and Chevrolet has announced a new line of safety tech to increase their use amongst teenagers.

Chevrolet's Teen Driver Mode will prevent a car's transmission from leaving Park if seat belts are not engaged.

According to Digital Trends, Teen Driver Mode will consist of a group of features that are activated by the teen’s car key.

When the underage driver unlocks the car with their key, the suite of safety features engage.

Parents are able to program maximum speeds allowed, speed alerts, and maximum audio volume.

The system also automatically turns on standard safety options like blind spot alerts, forward collision alert, and automatic braking.

The update to Teen Driver Mode will be standard on the new 2020 Chevrolet Traverse and roll out to the Malibu and Colorado as they are each updated in turn.

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